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VITALITY unblinded: exciting findings revealed at Victoria Falls meeting!

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

The VITALITY trial has been successfully unblinded, revealing the long-awaited results. From November 21-23, the VITALITY investigation team gathered in the picturesque setting of Victoria Falls to discuss and showcase the findings. VITALITY was a significant clinical trial conducted in Harare, Zimbabwe, and Lusaka, Zambia. The study aimed to examine the impact of vitamin D3 and calcium carbonate on bone and muscle growth in children aged 11-19 years. The unblinding meeting provided a platform for the team to delve into the outcomes and implications of this important research. During the event, a series of key presentations were delivered. Nyasha Dzavakwa shared her remarkable journey pursuing her PhD, the YPAA study, which investigated the impact of an electronic digital pillbox on adherence to HIV therapy and viral suppression. Furthermore, Nyasha presented the VITALITY Mind study, an ancillary study exploring neurocognitive function in adolescents living with HIV. In the spirit of celebration, we commemorated Tadios Manyanga's exceptional achievement. Tadios successfully completed his MSc program in a record time of just two years, inspiring the team with his dedication and hard work. The investigation team also had the pleasure of embarking on a memorable boat cruise ride across the Zambezi River, taking in the breathtaking scenery. Engaging in various networking activities, the team fostered connections and strengthened collaborations. Lastly, Prof. Rashida Ferrand, the chief investigator of VITALITY, celebrated her 50th birthday during the gathering. Although belated, we extend our heartfelt birthday wishes to Prof. Ferrand, expressing our gratitude for her leadership and immense contributions.

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