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THRU ZIM event at LSHTM Week 2022

On Monday 12th September, THRU ZIM hosted a country interest group session during LSHTM Week. In light of us rebranding, this platform was used to share our vision, mission, and values and showcase our Africa-led research with colleagues, partners, and fellow researchers based in London, Harare, and around the world. Our phenomenal line-up of speakers, Prof. Liam Smeeth (Director of LSHTM), Prof. Rashida Ferrand, Prof. Katharina Kranzer, Mandi Tembo, and Tino Mavimba each presented short presentations highlighting our research themes, collaborative efforts, and capacity building and public engagement activities. The event also featured a special keynote talk from Dr. Owen Mugurungi (Director of AIDS and TB Unit at Ministry of Health and Child Care) on the importance of research and policy.

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