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Prof Katharina Kranzer awarded the EDCPT SOFAR Grant

We are thrilled to announce that Prof Katharina Kranzer has been awarded the EDCPT SOFAR Grant! EDCTP 3 has granted 5 million Euros to a fellowship network project coordinated by Ludwig-Maximillian University Munich (LMU), with Prof. Kranzer as the Principal Investigator. This collaborative effort involves three African institutions: the Biomedical Research and Training Institute/THRU ZIM as the scientific lead, Zambart in Zambia, and Instituto Nacional de Saúde in Mozambique. Additionally, two European institutions, LMU and LSHTM, are also part of the project, with Prof. Rashida Ferrand as the PI. The project aims to train African early career researchers, focusing on 5 postdoctoral researchers, 6 PhD students, and 4 MSc students. The grant will commence in the second quarter of 2024 and contribute to the development of the Southern Africa Research Capacity Network (SOFAR).

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