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OptiMuL – follow-on study to KnowM

 It’s a pleasure to share the news that a follow-on study to the KnowM multimorbidity study has been funded as part of a Wellcome Career Development Award, entitled: Multimorbidity and Learning Health Stems: Optimising Data-to-Action – or OptiMuL”. KnowM sought to understand the ‘whole system’ challenge that multimorbidity poses in Zimbabwe, from patient to policy level.

OptiMuL, drawing on insights from medical anthropology and health policy and systems research (HPSR), will taking these findings forward by establishing a national multimorbidity learning hub that will provide opportunities for academics, practitioners, and policymakers to collaboratively address some of the priority areas identified during KnowM. The study will take place over 5-6 years, commencing late 2024. The study is a collaboration between THRU ZIM, OPHID, the University of Zimbabwe, and the MoHCC

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