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Nyasha Buwu shares Fractures E3 study findings

Nyasha Buwu presented the results of the Fractures E3 qualitative study (Phase 1) at the Zimbabwe Orthopaedic Association conference on October 20, 2023 and the University of Zimbabwe Annual Medical Research Day on October 21, 2023. The presentation, titled "Understanding Priorities in Hip Fracture Treatment in Zimbabwe: A Qualitative Study," summarized key findings from patient and caregiver interviews. Participants expressed a need for improved communication with healthcare providers. Many reported having little to no communication with attending doctors. Treatment costs, including medications and implants, were described as prohibitively expensive, leading to delays. Increased access to affordable pain relief medication was recommended. Patients also reported dissatisfaction with limited access to toileting in wards. Long hospital stays due to delays in surgery contributed to depressive symptoms. A priority shift from elective to emergency hip fracture surgeries was suggested. At UZ-AMRD, Nyasha received the Laurence Levy Award in recognition of her work. Audience feedback highlighted the importance of aging population research in Zimbabwe. Nyasha's dissemination of the Fractures E3 study findings was well-received and emphasized the value of qualitative research on patient and caregiver experiences. Congratulations on sharing these important insights!

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