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MWEDZI Art Exhibition showcases inspiring menstrual health art

On November 3rd, The Pikicha Gallery in Harare hosted the MWEDZI Art Exhibition and Prize Giving Event, a remarkable event that showcased the diverse and thought-provoking artwork inspired by women's menstrual health experiences. Led by Dr Mandi Tembo, the MWEDZI Art Exhibition marked the culmination of the MWEDZI art competition, a public engagement component of the TAURA study (which means “Speak Up” in Shona) aimed at using participatory action research to transform menstrual health for women in Zimbabwe. The MWEDZI competition, which ran from September 1st to October 31st, invited girls and women of all ages to express their menstrual health journeys through art, graphic design, and photography. The art exhibition at Pikicha Gallery featured a stunning array of artworks that captured the essence of menstruation and its significance in women's lives. Attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vivid imagery, thought-provoking designs, and gaining a deeper understanding of the menstrual experiences and emotions expressed by the artists.

The event also included a prize-giving ceremony to honour the exceptional artwork of the competition winners. The MWEDZI Competition winners were:

1st place - Mikaela Nyamasoka

2nd place - Merilyn Mushakwe

3rd place - Tinotenda Munhumutema

Showcase Favourite - Ariana Jani

The MWEDZI project, is funded by the Reckitt Global Hygiene Institute, in collaboration with The Health Research Unit Zimbabwe, Biomedical Research and Training Institute, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and ARDENT Creative. The MWEDZI Art Exhibition was a resounding success, offering a unique opportunity to appreciate the artistic expressions and diverse experiences of women in Zimbabwe. If you missed the exhibition, you can catch a glimpse of some the amazing artwork around the office!

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