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KOSHESAI holds community engagement workshops

The KOSHESAI study recently held community engagement workshops with 26 elderly male and female participants from Highfield and Mufakose. Facilitators and participants discussed the critical topic of functional ability and healthy ageing.

Discussions focused on the day-to-day well-being of older adults, emphasizing how they feel, move, and engage in meaningful activities. The participants were taken through an overview of the KOSHESAI study, a discussion on personal health challenges, and a detailed walk-through of the study screening and validation process.

These workshops have significantly contributed to the understanding and development of health interventions tailored to older adults. Feedback received was invaluable in assessing the clarity and relevance of our plans and in informing the development and finalization of Community-based Healthy Ageing Peer Support groups (CHAPS). Participants shared their experiences with aging and expressed their eagerness to see the final CHAPs implemented.

The KOSHESAI study team extends heartfelt thanks to all the participants for their time, openness, and valuable contribution

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