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June workshops and seminars

Early Career Researchers’ club hosts a narrative workshop

On the 15th of June, the Early Career Researchers’ Club hosted Prof. Ulrika Maude conducted a narrative workshop on the principles of narrative and narrative medicine. Premised on a published source that highlighted societal attitudes towards older people being viewed as ‘needy’, ‘vulnerable’ and ‘vestiges of the past living in rural areas’, the narrative workshop aimed to reframe and dispel those notions. The narrative workshop therefore achieved this through a close reading of the short story, ‘The Voyage’, by Katherine Mansfield which involved deconstructing the text to present a case of positive representation of ageing. Presently, research has shown that positive perceptions on ageing among the elderly can better their health and wellbeing. This calls for us to challenge negative ageing stereotypes to rethink overall perceptions around ageing.

Presentation on process evaluation at the Social Science Working Group

On June 21st, Faith Kandiye and Chipo Nyamayaro presented on observation as data collection method for their joint presentation titled ‘Process Evaluation: participant and non-participant observation in an intervention’. They shared how these research methods were utilized in the Y-Check study. Some important lessons that were drawn from this seminar are that both participant and non-participant observation data collection methods allow researchers to produce comprehensive data, non-participant observations offer an objective view of the intervention, while participant observations provide insights into the experiences and perspectives of both participants and researchers. Lastly, the combination of both of these data collection methods provides a holistic understanding of the Y-Check study’s effectiveness and the changes that occurred over time.

“Preparing for your PhD upgrading” seminar

This academic seminar was held on the 23rd of June and offered some important insights into what a PhD upgrading is. A PhD upgrade is regarded as a doctoral students’ first mile where they transfer from being a registered MPhil to the status of a PhD candidate. Prof. Rashida Ferrand spoke on the PhD upgrading process which involves drafting an upgrading report, the public seminar followed by a closed panel discussion and the upgrading outcome. Nyasha Dzavakwa presented on the components of and upgrading presentation and shared vital practice tips one can follow. Dr. Kevin Martin presented on the upgrading timeline with the seminar closing off with Tafadzwa Madanhire sharing his PhD upgrading experience for further learning tips.

Resources such as presentations and recordings of these workshops and seminars are available. For more information, send an email request to

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