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Insights from the Y-Check photovoice project workshop

On November 17th, led by facilitator Rose Matimba, Y-Check successfully completed its workshop for adolescents in the photo-voice project. The workshop effectively achieved its objectives of exploring adolescents' perceptions and experiences related to nutrition in Chitungwiza. Participants actively shared their thoughts and captured their experiences through photography, guided by the expertise of Rose Matimba. The interactive sessions fostered a supportive environment, encouraging discussions and challenging preconceived notions about nutrition. Participants were also introduced to narrative photography and gained firsthand experience operating a digital camera. Currently, the Y-Check team is diligently documenting and analyzing the photographs and discussions to gather valuable insights that will inform future health promotion efforts. These insights will play a crucial role in shaping effective strategies and interventions for the betterment of adolescent health in the community.

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