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Healthy ageing public engagement project begins

The Healthy Ageing public engagement project led by Dr. Celia Gregson has begun in Zimbabwe and The Gambia. The project aims to give older people a voice to express their opinions about ageing and musculoskeletal disability, in settings where older people are not currently heard. The project will have 3 main activities which are: the ‘Art of Ageing Well in Africa’ competition, ‘Ageing Well’ film, and the ‘Story of Ageing’ brochure. The ‘Art of Ageing Well in Africa’ competition will give older people aged 60 and above a platform to express their opinions and experiences around ageing using: art / graphic design / photography, music, poetry/pros and mixed media. The ‘Ageing Well’ film will be a co-produced film that will draw upon older people’s key issues with ageing gathered through participatory workshops and will emphasize positive messaging and promotion of innovative solutions. The ‘Story of Ageing’ brochure will be a co-designed brochure that will feature images and stories encapsulating ageing. The project has currently entered its implementation phase and we cannot wait to share more on what will be happening in the next coming months!

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