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Early Career Researchers Club finds new home at UZ

We are thrilled to announce the establishment of a new collaboration between the University of Zimbabwe (UZ), now known as the University of Zimbabwe Higher Degrees Innovation and Industrialisation Series (HDII), and the Early Career Researchers' Club (ECR). The collaboration was officially inaugurated by Dr. Shungu Munyati and Prof. Francis Machingura (UZ) at the inaugural seminar on January 17th. During the event, they highlighted the primary objectives of the HDII/ECR club, which aims to facilitate knowledge sharing, education, and the exchange of ideas on various research areas and topics of interest.

As the collaboration finds its new home at the UZ, we held our first seminar of the year at the Centre for Postgraduate Studies. The seminar featured two exceptional researchers from THRU ZIM, Dr. Justin Dixon and Dr. Felicity Fitzgerald. Dr. Dixon delivered a thought-provoking presentation titled "Assembling the 'Whole System' Challenge of Multimorbidity: Insights from the KnowM Study," sharing key findings from the KnowM study conducted in Zimbabwe. He emphasized the importance of qualitative and co-productive research in addressing complex health challenges. On the other hand, Dr. Fitzgerald presented "Rethinking Neonatal Sepsis in Southern Africa," shedding light on the Neotree project and its focus on developing a digital quality improvement tool to enhance newborn outcomes.

The seminar witnessed resounding success, with 38 attendees present in person and an additional 90 participants joining virtually. We are delighted by the turnout and the engagement from the audience. The positive response has further fuelled our excitement for the upcoming sessions. Stay tuned for more!

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