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Congratulations to Dr. Farirai Nzvere and Michaela Takawira

We are delighted to announce the successful PhD upgrading presentations of Dr. Farirai Nzvere and Michaela Takawira.

Michaela Takawira's dissertation, "Exploring Adolescent Well-Being in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe," aims to develop a more universal definition and measurement of well-being by incorporating adolescent perspectives. Her research objectives are to understand how daily routines, local understandings, and sociocultural factors shape well-being. Data collection methods include time-use surveys, photovoice, and structural equation modeling. The findings will provide valuable insights to comprehensively assess well-being. Dr. Farirai Nzvere's presentation, "Morbidity Patterns and Health Behaviors Among Adolescents in Chitungwiza," addresses the need for adolescent-responsive health services and meaningful adolescent involvement in intervention development. Her study aims to refine and adapt an acceptable adolescent health check-up and identify patterns of health risk behaviors and morbidity in the context of multimorbidity. Both have actively contributed to the Y-Check study, which offers screening and treatment for common conditions during adolescence to improve health outcomes and well-being.

We offer our warmest congratulations to Dr. Farirai Nzvere and Michaela Takawira on their accomplishments. They continue making significant contributions addressing adolescent health needs through their important research.

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