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Celebrating the Art of Ageing Showcase & Exhibition

The Art of Ageing Showcase & Exhibition took place on Friday, February 16th, at Nhaka Gallery in Harare. This highly anticipated event marked the culmination of the Art of Ageing Competition, where the exceptional work of the finalists was put on display for the public. The competition, funded by the Wellcome Trust, is a remarkable public engagement programme that has been implemented in Zimbabwe and The Gambia. Its primary objective is to empower older individuals by providing them with a platform to express their opinions and share their experiences on aging through various creative art forms. Furthermore, the programme strives to promote innovation and generate ideas that contribute to the well-being of older individuals while combating ageism—a cause that aligns perfectly with the goals outlined in the WHO Healthy Ageing 2021-30 strategy.

The Art of Ageing Competition in Zimbabwe received an overwhelming response, with over 300 entries pouring in from talented individuals across the country specializing in music, dance, prose, and mixed media. Following a rigorous selection process, the top 16 participants advanced to a mentorship stage where they received guidance and support to create their final projects centered around the themes of well-being and aging. The final projects were then evaluated by a panel of judges who had the challenging task of choosing the winners.

The Art of Ageing Showcase brought together the 16 finalists' captivating art entries and featured live performances, a special lunch and cocktails for guests. It was an eagerly anticipated event that also included a prize-giving ceremony where the winners were announced. Allow us to congratulate the winners in each category:

Music and Dance

1. Hopley Senior Citizens Group

2. Vhuramai Dancers

3. Sekuru Mupavaenda


1. Gogo Thandiwe

2. Gogo Ahani

3. Gogo Hanyane

Mixed Media

1. Gogo Nyakapini

2. Sekuru Mandiopera

3. Mbuya Chisvo

Distinguished figures from the Ministry of Health and Child Care, including Dr Justice Mudavanhu from the Non-Communicable Diseases Department and Dr Khuzi Ncube, Deputy Director for Rehabilitation Services, graced the occasion with their presence. The event was also honoured by the commendation of Mr Marck Chikanza from the National Age Network of Zimbabwe and Mr Sam Pfidzai from Island Hospice, who emphasized the significance of local initiatives that support healthy aging among elderly people. Prominent media outlets, NRTV and the Daily News Zimbabwe, provided extensive coverage of the event, contributing to our outreach efforts in effectively communicating important messages regarding healthy aging.

Following the resounding success of the showcase, the Art of Ageing continued to engage the public through public exhibitions held at Nhaka Gallery from February 27th to 29th.

Many congratulations to Prof Celia Gregson, Dr Mandi Tembo, and the Ardent and THRU ZIM teams for executing such an amazing event.

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