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Art of Ageing community workshops move to Bulawayo and The Gambia

The Art of Ageing series of community workshops continued in Bulawayo and completed in rural and urban areas of The Gambia. These workshops continued to document the unique ageing experiences of both men and women aged 60 and above in respect to health, family dynamics and day-to-day life. During her time in The Gambia, Dr. Mandi Tembo, also delivered a seminar on the importance of public engagement and highlighted some of the ongoing public engagement THRU ZIM has been conducting in communities. The Art of Ageing project is excited to see itself moving a step closer to producing a film narrative that features enriching content from both countries that encapsulates experiences around ageing. In other exciting news, The Art of Ageing competition is currently underway: The Chronicle Zimbabwe also published an article on these workshops and more information can be found here:

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