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Students pass PhD vivas

Many congratulations for the following PhD students that passed their PhD vivas: Ioana Olaru, Mandi Tembo and Constancia Mavodza.

Mandi’s PhD focused on menstrual health management and adolescent sexual and reproductive health service delivery. Her supervisors, Constance Mackworth-Young, Helen Weiss, and Suzanna Francis were elated for her success. Her thesis received rave remarks and was praised for being brave and expertly written, and for achieving a high-quality research that overcame challenges brought on by COVID-19. Outstanding work, Dr. Mandi!

Ioana’s PhD focused on antimicrobial resistance and use in Zimbabwe. It highlighted the need for better surveillance data to inform treatment guidelines and patient care and proposed strategies for increasing access and improving laboratory testing. Excellent achievement Dr. Ioana Olaru!

Constancia had previously submitted her PhD thesis on the process evaluation of the family planning intervention in the CHIEDZA trial. We are delighted with your brilliant achievement, Dr. Constancia Mavodza!

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