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ERASE-TB investigators' meeting in France

Following THRU ZIM's notable award at the EDCPT forum, the ERASE-TB study convened its investigators' meeting. This study aims to evaluate newly developed diagnostic tests for predicting tuberculosis (TB) in at-risk individuals. Investigators from Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Mozambique gathered to discuss TB trajectories, immunology, and data management. Notably, the study made impactful presentations at the Union Conference. Edson Marambire highlighted key points, including 2,108 enrolled household contacts across three countries, 24 months of follow-up at six-month intervals, and the identification of high burdens of modifiable household risk factors. Dr. Claire Calderwood shared compelling data on the prevalence of mental health disorders among individuals affected by TB and their household contacts, emphasizing the increased risk associated with challenging life circumstances. This meeting marks a significant step forward in their collective efforts to combat TB and address its broader impact.

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