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THRU ZIM hosts transformative Epidemiology and Statistics course

In keeping with our commitment to building capacity and providing academic support to our staff, we conducted a comprehensive two-week foundation course in Epidemiology and Statistics. The course, which took place from September 18th to September 29th, set the stage for a transformative learning experience for the 20 students that were enrolled. We would like to thank the prestigious University of Zimbabwe Clinical Trials Research Centre (UZ-CTRC) for providing a conducive environment for the students to engage in face-to-face seminars and practical sessions. Dr. Vicky Simms, the lead trainer, crafted a curriculum with a wide range of topics to ensure a holistic understanding of statistical fundamentals, techniques and analysis. Congratulations to THRU ZIM and the students involved for their commitment to advancing scientific understanding and their unwavering dedication to the pursuit of excellence!

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