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Chiedza Trial disseminates results in Bulawayo

From March 25th to 26th, the CHIEDZA trial disseminated its results to stakeholders in Bulawayo. The dissemination process commenced with a meeting involving key representatives from the Bulawayo City Council, followed by community dissemination sessions with CHIEDZA participants and community care workers in Nkulumane. The CHIEDZA trial was a cluster-randomized study designed to assess the impact of community-based integrated HIV and sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services for youth on HIV and other health outcomes. The following are some of the key results that were shared during the dissemination:

  • A total of 78,810 visits by youth were recorded, accounting for 35% of all visits in Bulawayo.

  • The majority of visits were made by females, comprising 72% of the total.

  • Over 38,000 HIV tests were conducted, contributing to increased awareness of individuals' HIV status.

  • There was a high uptake of condoms among males, with over 90% utilizing this essential preventive measure.

  • Females demonstrated a high uptake of menstrual hygiene products, exceeding 95%.

  • There was a significant uptake of STI testing, surpassing 85%.

  • The prevalence of STIs among youth was found to be high, affecting approximately one in five individuals; however, partner notification had a low uptake of only 6%.

The dissemination of results has provided valuable insights into the utilization of SRH services by youth in Bulawayo, shedding light on areas of success, such as high condom and menstrual hygiene product uptake, as well as areas requiring further attention, such as partner notification for STIs. The CHIEDZA trial's results have laid the foundation for ongoing dialogue and collaborative efforts aimed at addressing the challenges faced by young individuals in accessing and utilizing comprehensive SRH services.

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