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Dr Chido Dziva Chikwari shines at HIV & Women International Workshop

We are delighted to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr Chido Dziva Chikwari for her significant contribution to the inaugural African Workshop on HIV & Women, held on February 22-23, 2024 in Nairobi, Kenya.

This groundbreaking initiative serves as a regional complement to the annual "International Workshop on HIV & Women," providing a remarkable platform for local and international healthcare providers, researchers, government officials, industry representatives, and community advocates to engage in meaningful discussions and expand their knowledge on critical issues surrounding HIV and women in Africa.

The overarching goal of this workshop is to drive positive change that enhances the quality of life for women living with HIV and reduces HIV transmissions within the region. The workshop format facilitates invaluable opportunities for attendees to learn from esteemed HIV experts, address challenges, identify knowledge gaps, and explore avenues for further learning and research. The debates and roundtable discussions play a pivotal role in examining pertinent issues and challenging existing perceptions. Moreover, this workshop is a vital platform for early-career investigators, enabling them to showcase their research and establish personal connections with esteemed mentors who serve as a source of inspiration for their work.

At the workshop, Dr Dziva Chikwari was invited to deliver a compelling presentation titled "Update on other STIs: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management." During her talk, she also shared notable findings from the CHIEDZA and STICH trials, illuminating critical insights into the subject matter.

Dr Dziva Chikwari's active participation and insightful contribution have undoubtedly enriched the workshop and furthered our collective understanding of HIV and women's health.

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