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Dr. Aoife Doyle moves to Zimbabwe to lead the Y-Check Study

Dr Aoife Doyle, Associate Professor in Epidemiology at LSHTM, has as of late moved to Harare to lead the Y-Check study. Aoife, who has been a part of the Zim-LSHTM Group since 2018, has been granted a 4-year UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship to create, carry out and assess a young adult check - up visit program in Chitungwiza.

Y-Check will involve the screening and treatment/referral of adolescents for important conditions through health check-up visits at two key time points during adolescence: early adolescence (10-13y) and mid/late adolescence (16-19y). Adolescents will only be screened for conditions with an accurate and acceptable screening test and a locally-accessible effective intervention e.g., mental health, HIV, vision, hearing, and anaemia. The package of services will include risk reduction counselling and general health information and counselling.

This study follows on from successful multi-country formative work on check-up visits in 2019/20 led by WHO, Geneva in partnership with Zim-LSHTM, Mwanza Intervention Trials Unit/National Institute for Medical Research, Tanzania, and the University of Ghana.

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