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Rumbi Gumbie triumphs in PhD upgrading presentation!

We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Rumbidzai "Rumbi" Gumbie on the successful completion of her PhD upgrading presentation. Rumbi, a dedicated global health clinical fellow and pioneer in the CREATE PhD programme, delivered an exceptional practice PhD upgrading presentation titled "Integrating Sexual and Reproductive Health into Clinic-based HIV Services in Zimbabwe: Co-design with Healthcare Providers and Process Evaluation (TSIME)" at the Early Career Researchers’ Meeting on September 20th as part of her preparation. Building upon her outstanding groundwork, Rumbi recently presented her comprehensive study, "TSIME," during the official upgrading presentation held on September 26th. This study employs a mixed-methods approach to co-design, implement, and conduct a process evaluation of an innovative clinic-based integrated package of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and HIV services in collaboration with healthcare providers in Zimbabwe. Rumbi's presentation captivated the audience with its depth and excellence, showcasing her expertise and dedication to improving healthcare services for individuals facing the challenges of HIV and SRH.

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