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EMPOWA week at UZ

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

The first in-person week of the second Empowering Professionals for the Wellbeing of Adolescents Programme for the Wellbeing of Adolescents Programme (EMPOWA) was held at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) on the 12th - 15th September with 22 participants from various ministries and organisations in attendance. EMPOWA is designed to equip senior policy makers and programmers with knowledge and skills to improve their work on adolescent wellbeing. Participants were supported to develop a change project, which they will implement within their organisations over 12 months, with the end goal of improving adolescent wellbeing. One participant described EMPOWA as a, "Never-before-experienced rich and practical training program.", another said that, "The programme is life changing indeed." The participants are beginning to implement their change projects, with support and feedback from four senior and four youth facilitators, and their supervisors in their organisation. The second in-person week will be held from 10th - 14th October at UZ.

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